Reading Recovery



In 2018, Preston Grange Primary School introduced Reading Recovery. Since then, Reading Recovery (RR) has become an integral part of the school's approach to ensuring that no child leaves us unable to read and write and all children enjoy reading for pleasure.

Our school has an accredited RR teacher (Miss Minto) and RR is now an integral element within our literacy provision at Key Stage One, providing another way to learn for those children who, despite having had high-quality phonics teaching, are at risk of falling behind their peers.

RR is an intervention which supplements normal English lessons. Children are taught individually by Miss Minto for 30 minutes each day (for between 12-20 weeks).  The goal is for children to develop effective reading and writing strategies in order to work within age-related expectations for their year group.




Boosting Reading@Primary is a highly successful intervention programme that provides one-to-one additional support for reading for the reader who is under achieving in KS1 or KS2.

The programme is generally delivered by specially-trained school staff (Mr Whitenstall), focused on targeted children who need to develop more effective independent reading strategies and text comprehension.

It is a 10 week programme – 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week following a common lesson structure. Mr Whitenstall usually works with a minimum of 3 children in the programme. Pupils in the programme make on average twice the rate of usual progress.